Aquatic Control January Highlights

So what has happened at Aquatic Control in 2017?

We rang in the new year by allowing our employees some time off to spend with family and friends.  Upon returning operations continued as normal – – – actually no they didn’t!

One key face is missing from the office in recent days.  David Isaacs, President of Aquatic Control, Inc has announced his plans to retire at the end of 2017.  He is working limited hours this year to help facilitate the transition to operations without him.  His absence from his desk is also being felt by those trying to fill his shoes overseeing the day to day operations.  Thankfully we have a great group of vice presidents, managers and employees dedicated to the longevity and success of Aquatic Control stepping up to fill those shoes.

Other positional moves within Aquatic Control include:

Matthew Johnson, Chief Operating Officer

Nathan Long, Executive Vice President

Cody Bragg, Manager Tennessee Office

James Ferguson, Pond Maintenance Supervisor

Brian Isaacs, Chemical Sales and Marketing Supervisor

Yes, that is right.  We have also opened a service office in Memphis, TN. Continue reading

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50th Anniversary for Aquatic Control

Aquatic Control recently took time off to celebrate a milestone – 50 YEARS of business.  We would like to now take time to thank our past and current customers for being part of this history.  We would not be where we are without you.  THANK YOU.  img_1556-50-years

We would also like to thank Chester and Linda Rust for their support so many years ago in sharing the same passion for resource management both wildlife and aquatic.   For those that do not know, Chester and Linda Rust founded Aquatic Control under the management of Gary Doxtater in 1966.

Continue reading

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Happy Birthday America – July 4th

Often referred US-Flag1to as the Fourth of July and Independence Day, July 4th has been a federal holiday in the United States of America since 1941.  The tradition of this great celebration dates back to the 18th century and the American Revolution.  In June 1776, representative of the 13 colonies developed a resolution that would declare their independence from Great Britain.  On July 2, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence, and on July 4th the delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence drafted by Thomas Jefferson.  From 1776 to present day, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence with fireworks, parades, concerts, family gatherings, and barbecues.

Aquatic Control offices will be closed on July 4th in observation of Independence Day, the birthday of The United States of America.  We hope that all of our employees, clients, and vendors will enjoy this time with their loved ones.  Remember the true meaning of the holiday and celebrate the freedoms that we enjoy.

Happy 4th of July and thank you for the business relationship that we share!

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Pond Management April 2016

So here we are in April and finally some warmer temperatures are being forecast and enjoyed.

“Sunshine and warm weather – welcome back!”

Pond management is now in full swing by most professional service contractors including Aquatic Control’s service division.  Early reports from the aquatic sites include algae covering most shoreline areas and curlyleaf pondweed that is growing to the surface in some ponds.  Our applicators are facing some challenges Filamentous Algae launching on the saturated lawn and access ways.  However, they continue to march on using backpack sprayers to wage war on the spring algae growth.  Even when mother nature sends more rain that lawns can handle, the pond management much continue.

Highlights from recent walk-in customers and online emails parallel the reports of our applicators….algae is coming on strong with these recent sunny days.  Online sales indicate that some pond owners are beginning their pond management for 2016 as well.  We are moving more algaecides, lake dyes and herbicides than in previous weeks.

We also sold an aeration system this week to a customer who had experienced a fish kill in 2015.  He took our advice in adding this diffused aeration system to his pond to improve the water qualiRobust-Aire Diffused Aeration Systemty and insure against another fish kill.  He hopes that the addition of this aeration system will also benefit his pond management program as the improved water quality might limit the grow of excess vegetation.

Thanks for taking time to read our blog.  Let us know how your pond is doing this spring.  Remember pond management is what we do, challenges keep us learning.  Let us help you by calling us today 800-753-LAKE.

Until next time

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Spring 2016 Aquatic Control

Well Spring 2016 is here.  So time to begin monitoring our aquatic resources.  Aquatic Control is looking at many ponds now providing pricing for management for the 2016 season.  So join our team and improve your aquatic resource for the years ahead.

fountain fishing spring 2016

Whether you want to manage your resource as a Do-It-Yourself project or hire someone to manage it for you we can assist you.  Moving forward this Spring 2016 we are celebrating our 50th year of business.  Let us put our years of experience to work for you.

We have the tools to improve your water quality, eliminate problem vegetation, add aeration to your system, improve the aquascape with a floating fountain and improve the fish community.

We can be reached by phone 800-753-5253 or by email  We currently have regional service offices in Seymour, Valparaiso and Evansville, IN along with offices in Missouri and Kentucky.

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Merry Christmas from Aquatic Control

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

As 2015 comes to an end Aquatic Control would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We hope that you have time to relax and reflect with family and friends during this holiday season.  Reminisce about the good times and laugh about the funny times.  Discuss the challenges of the year and plan for the future.

A Merry Christmas can take on several meanings.  To some a Merry Christmas is simply getting together with family and friends.  To the younger generations (which we all experienced at some point in our lives) it is still about the presents.  However to all it still includes the act of giving.  In this case all we can give is advice.  Have a Merry Christmas in your own special way.  Build memories and cherish the moments of life as it passes by. Continue reading

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De-icing using Kasco Circulators

De-icing using Kasco Circulators

A Kasco circulator is your best defense against costly damage to property due to ice formation and expansion.  The rugged and efficient design of a Kasco circulator delivers powerful performance with simplicity of use and operation.  With over 40 years of sales and installations worldwide, Kasco circulators are THE choice for ice prevention and property protection.

By providing superior thrust and water movement, the circulators push tKasco De-icer Circulatorhe warm, bottom water to the surface to prevent or eliminate ice formation, creating an ice free area of protection around your boat, dock, pier, or other property installed in the water during freezing temperatures.  Providing this ice free zone will successfully prevent damage from ice jacking and expansion, and can also help protect fish and aquatic species by allowing for areas of oxygen to enter into the water during winter.

Winterkill of fish can be a costly catastrophe both in time, money, and effort.  Simply by creating an opening in the ice, you can successfully prevent a winterkill.  Only 1-2% of the total surface area needs to remain ice free to prevent the devastation.  Kasco circulator de-icing is an easy way to save your fish.

Kasco circulators are available in ½, ¾, and 1HP sizes and available in 120V or 240V power to fit a variety of installations and applications.  Circulators can be suspended beneath boats or docks using mooring ropes. Mounting options include a Universal Dock Mount or Horizontal Float.  Thermostat and timer controllers are also available to help you save power and improve your circulators performance.

View Details on Products Offered by Aquatic Control.

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Electrofishing Surveys-How are my fish doing?

Along with our aquatic vegetation maintenance applications, we also conduct electrofishing surveys.  Lake and pond owners have a multitude of reasons for having these surveys completed.  New properties are sometimes purchased with lakes or ponds. The new owner typically doesn’t have any knowledge of past management practices.  Completing a fish survey will give the owner a starting point, Continue reading

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Clean Up Tools-Remove vegetation and debris

Shoreline areas can become filled with vegetation and debris over time.  We carry a variety of tools to make clean up a breeze.  If you need to remove debris from the water these rakes are equipped with long teeth to aid in removal.  The larger head and longer teeth grab more volume for each retrieval.  These clean up tools are make of aluminum to reduce weight.  Made of quality aluminum they will not rust away.  Other rakes and cutters are made for terrestrial use not prolonged use in water.  Most clean up tools come with rope.  This allows for toss and retrieval for extended clean up.

Weed Raker          Weed Razor           Beachcomber Lake Rake

Weed Raker




Fall is the time of year when we are all raking leaves.  Take some time to also rake vegetation and debris from your pond.  By taking some time during the fall, you reduce the amount that builds up annually.  This effort helps slow the aging of the lake or pond.

Don’t delay have the tools on hand that you need to clean your swimming area next spring.  Small compact design makes storage easy.  Handle extensions separate for storage.

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Hydrotraxx Application Equipment-Aquatic Management

HydrotraxxHydroTraxx Application Equipment

Aquatic Control has been professionally managing aquatic resources since 1966.  Our goal has always been to meet any and all challenges brought to us by pond owners.  This goal lead to the development of a HydroTraxx sprayer.

Most bodies of water are treated using a boat and a professional sprayer.  However, not all bodies of water were built to allow a boat to be launched.  This limited out ability to provide the best possible vegetation management to some clients.  We were not satisfied with this being the case.

We shopped a lot of options for an amphibious vehicle option and decided to purchase a HydroTraxx.  Here is why:


For years, people have turned to HydroTraxx for handling some of the toughest off-road applications in the world.  Recreational customers find our impressive performance and reliability a worthwhile investment. Commercial venues see HydroTraxx as a cost effective solution enabling them to expand their range of work, thanks to its versatility.

Innovative Design

HydroTraxx is well-known for its fully hydraulic drive system. Other drive methods are not only prone to fail in off-road applications, but maintenance becomes a frequent and expensive hassle. Our hydraulic system is proven to handle the shocks and stresses associated with operating off-road.  Because each wheel is independently driven by a hydraulic motor, fluid absorbs impacts where mechanical linkage, such as chains and gears, often wear or break.

So if you have been told by others that you pond was too remote, access was impossible, or any other reason that vegetation management was going to be difficult – Contact Aquatic Control and we will come by to give you a proposal for vegetation management services.



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