Aquatic Plant Problems – Aquatic Control Answers Part 2

Aquatic Vegetation Problems Part 2

While it might seem tiring to some to always be actively managing aquatic vegetation, rest assured Aquatic Control is continuing to work closely with manufacturers, research and government agencies to provide better options and/or improve application methods to gain better control of the aquatic plant problems pond managers face.

Aquatic Control has the unique opportunity to test the products we sell.  Our lake management division uses these same products in their day to day vegetation management programs.  Without repeatable success on our contract job sites, we not be able to maintain this customer base.  These products work.

Here are some aquatic plant problems:

Water PrimroseWater Primrose — is a perennial plant that stands erect along the shoreline but also forms long runners that creep across wet soil or float out across the water surface.  The single flowers are yellow with 4 or 5 petals depending on the species.

Products to Control:  ShoreKlear Plus, ShoreKlear, AquaPro



Cattails — are a perennial plant that grows in wet soil and around the shoreline of ponds.  They produce a seed head each season which indicates the best time for management applications.

Products to Control:  ShoreKlear Plus, ShoreKlear, AquaPro


Curlyleaf Pondweed

Curlyleaf Pondweed — exotic, invasive plant.  We have several projects each year that target this plant species.

Products to Control:  Aquathol K, Aquathol Super K, Sonar



We are here to answer any specific questions you may have.  We will continue to add insightful blogs like this highlighting general information for pond owners.  Keep in mind we have a wealth of experience and can go into much greater details to individuals interested in learning more about aquatic plant problems and finding solutions.

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