Clean Up Tools-Remove vegetation and debris

Shoreline areas can become filled with vegetation and debris over time.  We carry a variety of tools to make clean up a breeze.  If you need to remove debris from the water these rakes are equipped with long teeth to aid in removal.  The larger head and longer teeth grab more volume for each retrieval.  These clean up tools are make of aluminum to reduce weight.  Made of quality aluminum they will not rust away.  Other rakes and cutters are made for terrestrial use not prolonged use in water.  Most clean up tools come with rope.  This allows for toss and retrieval for extended clean up.

Weed Raker          Weed Razor           Beachcomber Lake Rake

Weed Raker




Fall is the time of year when we are all raking leaves.  Take some time to also rake vegetation and debris from your pond.  By taking some time during the fall, you reduce the amount that builds up annually.  This effort helps slow the aging of the lake or pond.

Don’t delay have the tools on hand that you need to clean your swimming area next spring.  Small compact design makes storage easy.  Handle extensions separate for storage.

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