De-icing using Kasco Circulators

De-icing using Kasco Circulators

A Kasco circulator is your best defense against costly damage to property due to ice formation and expansion.  The rugged and efficient design of a Kasco circulator delivers powerful performance with simplicity of use and operation.  With over 40 years of sales and installations worldwide, Kasco circulators are THE choice for ice prevention and property protection.

By providing superior thrust and water movement, the circulators push tKasco De-icer Circulatorhe warm, bottom water to the surface to prevent or eliminate ice formation, creating an ice free area of protection around your boat, dock, pier, or other property installed in the water during freezing temperatures.  Providing this ice free zone will successfully prevent damage from ice jacking and expansion, and can also help protect fish and aquatic species by allowing for areas of oxygen to enter into the water during winter.

Winterkill of fish can be a costly catastrophe both in time, money, and effort.  Simply by creating an opening in the ice, you can successfully prevent a winterkill.  Only 1-2% of the total surface area needs to remain ice free to prevent the devastation.  Kasco circulator de-icing is an easy way to save your fish.

Kasco circulators are available in ½, ¾, and 1HP sizes and available in 120V or 240V power to fit a variety of installations and applications.  Circulators can be suspended beneath boats or docks using mooring ropes. Mounting options include a Universal Dock Mount or Horizontal Float.  Thermostat and timer controllers are also available to help you save power and improve your circulators performance.

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