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HydrotraxxHydroTraxx Application Equipment

Aquatic Control has been professionally managing aquatic resources since 1966.  Our goal has always been to meet any and all challenges brought to us by pond owners.  This goal lead to the development of a HydroTraxx sprayer.

Most bodies of water are treated using a boat and a professional sprayer.  However, not all bodies of water were built to allow a boat to be launched.  This limited out ability to provide the best possible vegetation management to some clients.  We were not satisfied with this being the case.

We shopped a lot of options for an amphibious vehicle option and decided to purchase a HydroTraxx.  Here is why:


For years, people have turned to HydroTraxx for handling some of the toughest off-road applications in the world.  Recreational customers find our impressive performance and reliability a worthwhile investment. Commercial venues see HydroTraxx as a cost effective solution enabling them to expand their range of work, thanks to its versatility.

Innovative Design

HydroTraxx is well-known for its fully hydraulic drive system. Other drive methods are not only prone to fail in off-road applications, but maintenance becomes a frequent and expensive hassle. Our hydraulic system is proven to handle the shocks and stresses associated with operating off-road.  Because each wheel is independently driven by a hydraulic motor, fluid absorbs impacts where mechanical linkage, such as chains and gears, often wear or break.    Hydrotraxx.com

So if you have been told by others that you pond was too remote, access was impossible, or any other reason that vegetation management was going to be difficult – Contact Aquatic Control and we will come by to give you a proposal for vegetation management services.



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