Pond Management April 2016

So here we are in April and finally some warmer temperatures are being forecast and enjoyed.

“Sunshine and warm weather – welcome back!”

Pond management is now in full swing by most professional service contractors including Aquatic Control’s service division.  Early reports from the aquatic sites include algae covering most shoreline areas and curlyleaf pondweed that is growing to the surface in some ponds.  Our applicators are facing some challenges Filamentous Algae launching on the saturated lawn and access ways.  However, they continue to march on using backpack sprayers to wage war on the spring algae growth.  Even when mother nature sends more rain that lawns can handle, the pond management much continue.

Highlights from recent walk-in customers and online emails parallel the reports of our applicators….algae is coming on strong with these recent sunny days.  Online sales indicate that some pond owners are beginning their pond management for 2016 as well.  We are moving more algaecides, lake dyes and herbicides than in previous weeks.

We also sold an aeration system this week to a customer who had experienced a fish kill in 2015.  He took our advice in adding this diffused aeration system to his pond to improve the water qualiRobust-Aire Diffused Aeration Systemty and insure against another fish kill.  He hopes that the addition of this aeration system will also benefit his pond management program as the improved water quality might limit the grow of excess vegetation.

Thanks for taking time to read our blog.  Let us know how your pond is doing this spring.  Remember pond management is what we do, challenges keep us learning.  Let us help you by calling us today 800-753-LAKE.

Until next time

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